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Cygnul specializes in solving tough problems for customers that need an objective, out-of-the-box approach. We're a passionate team, driven by possibility and thriving on innovation (and good coffee).

We also contract for a select range of key software and hardware specializations. Contact us for more information.

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We're growing our team! We seek fellow innovators to join our ranks. If you're considering a move and think you'll be a good fit, get in touch.

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Gideon Kreitzer

Analyst Developer & Co-Founder

Gideon has worked as a software developer since 2010, specializing in web technologies. He has done consulting work for established and startup companies in the retail, e-commerce, and blockchain sectors. Gideon is the author of Platframe, an Open Source framework for structured Frontend Development. Prior to founding Cygnul, Gideon founded and worked for Sisteem, a niche media startup. His interests include Systems Engineering and Systems Architecture, as well as Usability.


Markus Kreitzer

Research Scientist & Co-Founder

Markus is a doctoral student in Electrical Engineering at Auburn University, Alabama. Markus served in the US Marine Corps as a Ground Communications Technician from September 2001 to 2006 with two tours in Iraq. He has since worked in the Defense industry, testing wireless communication links and as a software developer and cyber security specialist. His research interests include Nonlinear Dynamics, Machine Learning, and Hardware and Cyber Security.

What We Offer

We are positioned to allow our clients to benefit from the synergy of an integrated approach.


We take custody from concept through to production

  • Project analysis
  • 3D modeling
  • Circuit design
  • Protype construction
  • Technical consulting
  • Device testing


Cygnul has the expertise your product deserves

  • User interface design
  • Web application development
  • Mobile development (iOS, Android)
  • Software performance analysis
  • Software security analysis
  • Embedded systems development