Cygnul Systems


Cygnul (pron.: sɪɡnɪl/) Systems was established in 2010. A demand for affordable, yet quality web based systems formed the necessary impetus for Gideon Kreitzer to create an alternative.


His professional experience leading up to the end of 2009 had Gideon come to the conclusion that opportunity existed for an agency led by individuals with a passion for the web, a proactive, holistic approach and singular developer talent. As a proper ratio of knowledge and drive may naturally result in more efficiency - and thus a reduction in production cost - Gideon's aim was to make good (secure, efficient, effective) software affordable not only to larger corporations, but also for businesses within the SME sector, sole proprietorships and sundry individuals. The inception of Cygnul Systems followed swiftly.


Cygnul Systems proudly maintains a fine client relationship record since we first opened for business, thanks to a client-centric operational model.

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